[pkg-fgfs-crew] Comments regarding simgear_2.6.0-2_i386.changes

Ove Kåven ovek at arcticnet.no
Tue Jul 31 23:09:25 UTC 2012

Den 31. juli 2012 20:24, skrev Luca Falavigna:
> Hi,
> looking at the package again, it seems Multiarch stuff is not
> properly handled yet. I see the following points still missing:
> * Compat level should be at level 9
> * debhelper should be (>= 9)

Hmm. This is because of misc:Pre-Depends, is it? Nothing else in the
build system requires a level like that. Maybe I missed that part since
none of the recipes on that wiki page
(http://wiki.debian.org/Multiarch/Implementation) fully applies, since
the source uses cmake, not autotools.

However, the closest recipe on the wiki page ("classic debhelper and
autotools") says that only debhelper 8.1.3 is needed, though. Would that

> * No Multiarch field in binary stanza

There certainly is one. As I understand it, the shared library package
should have a "Multi-Arch: same" field, while the -dev package should
*not* have a Multi-Arch field. I made sure that was the case before I

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