[pkg-fgfs-crew] Scripted compilation of flightgear

Pat pat.callahan1 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 3 11:54:57 UTC 2013

So.. how many build script schemes are there?  

Some general questions before I go re-inventing wheels

	Are you interested in discussing build scripts? If so, in what
	form or forum?

	Who else might be interested in discussing scripts?

	How are the flightgear build scripts different? 

	For each script
		Where can I get it?
		Who uses it? What's the audience?
		Why would someone use it and not another
		How many people use it

		Who's in charge of it
		Is it regularly maintained
		Who maintains it
		Who helps maintain it

		What environments does it work in
		What does it do well
		What's missing and desired in it
		What does the maintainer NOT want in it

	Add your questions somewhere in this list with the most
	important nearer the top.  Answer any that you care to.

*Disagreement about the relative importance of and specific answers to a
question should be settled stochastically.

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