[pkg-fgfs-crew] [flightgear-data] 01/01: Re-add webgui.

Florent Rougon f.rougon at free.fr
Wed Feb 18 17:36:44 UTC 2015

Hi Markus and Rebecca,

Nice to see all these little updates!

Markus Wanner <markus_wanner-guest at moszumanska.debian.org> wrote:

> +[ -e /usr/share/games/flightgear/webgui/3rdparty/jquery ] || \
> +	ln -sTf /usr/share/javascript/jquery /usr/share/games/flightgear/webgui/3rdparty/jquery


> +if [ -h /usr/share/games/flightgear/webgui/3rdparty/jquery ] ; then
> +	rm -f /usr/share/games/flightgear/webgui/3rdparty/jquery
> +fi

Not that I care much, but I am wondering why you bother creating and
removing these links in postinst and prerm, instead of using dh_link in
debian/rules? Are you trying to support people with custom versions of
these little things in /usr/share/games/flightgear, who would then
unpack flightgear-data-* over them, and expect their custom stuff not to
be overwritten?.. Or am I missing something?


Florent, just wondering

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