[pkg-fgfs-crew] Bug#857131: RFS: fgrun/2016.4.0-0.1 [RC, NMU]

Markus Wanner markus at bluegap.ch
Wed Mar 8 14:39:03 UTC 2017

On 03/08/2017 02:29 PM, Boyuan Yang wrote:
> I understand that tarballs are important and could greatly reduce extra works.

Well, it's relatively trivial to assemble a tarball. So I think of it
more as a sign of upstream's quality awareness (or lack thereof). But

> Fgrun is really important for flightgear

Is it? There's an integrated starter or plane selector, now. And
personally, I haven't ever really used fgrun. But that's just a tiny

Popcon says: 688 installs of flightgear vs 201 of fgrun

> and we should not leave it behind, so 
> I made some investigations.


> Good news: one of flightgear devs set up a mirror on GitHub and sync every 15 
> minutes. If you don't mind using a (frequently synchronized) mirror as d/watch 
> upstream, we could switch watch target onto GitHub (with proper tarball 
> support) and update files in this RFS and/or Alioth Git repo. What do you 
> think?

Yes, that sound's feasible to me.

Kind Regards


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