[pkg-fgfs-crew] Name/contents of FlightGear's desktop file

Florent Rougon f.rougon at free.fr
Sun May 7 14:09:46 UTC 2017

"Rebecca N. Palmer" <rebecca_palmer at zoho.com> wrote:

> I have now, and propose
> [Desktop Entry]
> Name=FlightGear
> GenericName=Flight Simulator
> Comment=An Open Source Flight Simulator
> Comment[de]=Open-Source Flugsimulator
> Comment[pt]=Simulação de Vôo
> Exec=fgfs --launcher
> Icon=flightgear
> Terminal=false
> Type=Application
> Categories=Game;Simulation;

I did the same independently, and share most of your conclusions. My
proposal was:

[Desktop Entry]
GenericName=Flight Simulator
Comment=Practice flight training (planes, helicopters...)
Comment[pt]=Simulação de Vôo
Comment[fr]=S’entraîner au pilotage (avions, hélicoptères...)
Exec=fgfs --launcher
Keywords=aircraft;simulation;plane;helicopter;Zeppelin;hot air balloon;parachute;paraglider;hang-glider
Keywords[fr]=aéronef;simulation;avion;hélicoptère;ballon dirigeable;montgolfière;parachute;parapente;deltaplane

The trickiest one is Comment. In the spec, they say:

  Tooltip for the entry, for example "View sites on the Internet". The
  value should not be redundant with the values of Name and GenericName.

If I run:

  grep '^Comment *=' /usr/share/applications/*.desktop

Most of the files are using the imperative form, too. Of course, the
'de' and 'pt' translations we inherited don't follow this...

> i.e. adding Debian's translations, and removing --geometry=1024x768 (that's
> now the default anyway, so setting it here is only going to confuse people who
> try to change it in the in-sim preferences).


> I don't know why Debian has Version=1.4 - it makes no sense (it's supposed to
> be the version of the *spec*, which hasn't got that far (it's currently
> 1.2alpha), but it wasn't the version of FG at the time either).

Agreed too, I set it to 1.1 as per the spec, but it's optional.

> This file should be in UTF-8 encoding (but without an explicit Encoding=
> field, that's deprecated).

Agreed. Since there were divergences on the Icon field, I took the
basename of the file in FGData, i.e.:

  $FG_ROOT/Docs/img/FlightGear_logo.{svg,png} -> FlightGear_logo

> package/{debian,RedHat,mandrake,openSUSE} are all 4+ years out of date (except
> for adding the launcher), and at least package/debian no longer works (it
> declares build-dependencies on libglut3-dev and libmetakit-dev, which no
> longer exist).
> I'd suggest removing them entirely, and adding a list of links to the actual
> packages, but this should be discussed first.

Okay, I'll take the opportunity to ask for other keyword translations on
flightgear-devel, since I added a few.



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