[Pkg-firebird-general] Introduction

Remco Seesink raseesink@hotpop.com
Fri, 4 Jun 2004 21:54:53 +0200


Let me introduce myself to the people on this list.

My name is Remco Seesink. I use firebird at work at this moment.
I graduated for my master in computer science a small year ago.

After playing around with debian for a some time the thought of
becoming a Debian Developer was tempting, but I didn't have any
packages which interested me.

I ran into trouble with php4 support for interbase/firebird and
decided to adopt this package since it was orphaned. From there
I got more involved. I decided to package ibwebadmin which is
currently work in progress.

In the mean time I updated firebird 1.0.2 to 1.0.3 and have
started to package firebird2 (1.5.0). This is all work in
progress. Since these are quite big packages I would really hope
we get a nice group of people on alioth to maintain this together,
and improve the firebird support on debian.

Remco Seesink.