[Pkg-firebird-general] Packaging Firebird2 (1.5) URGENT

Grzegorz B. Prokopski gadek@debian.org
Sun, 06 Jun 2004 20:59:05 -0400

W li¶cie z nie, 06-06-2004, godz. 18:12, Remco Seesink pisze: 
> > If Firebird2 (1.5) is not packaged and is not serious-bugs-free before
> > the end of this month, the chances of getting it into Sarge will get
> > *very* small.
> I'm stepping up the effort. I will release ibwebadmin to mentors (a package
> repository on http://mentors.debian.net) really soon now, and are busy with
> packaging of firebird2. I am using yada (a debian packaging helper) which I
> think makes lives much easier. Basically everything is in one file
> (debian/packages), the rest is generated.

As usual, the one who effectively decides the shape of things is the one
who implements them :-)  So as long as you're comfortable with these
tools this should also mean the others should not find them confusing.

> Currenlty I am working on copying the right files to the right packages.
> I haven't figured out which configure options to use to build it for
> i386 and to get the install patches right etc.
> What would you think if I skipped the 32 bits IO flavour? It is for 2.2
> kernels as I understood?

Yes, I think for Sarge and FB2 we can skip the 32 bits I/O flavours.

> What does work now is this: a version of a 64 bits IO superserver and classic
> server gets build. I copied the relevant files to debian/firebird-CS
> and firebird-SS.

Hmm... do you plan to give the packages such names as:

Also, I haven't looked at the fb2, but if you have seen fb1 debs, the
stuff that is shared among different servers is packaged in separate
packages, so that we didn't have to include one file multiple times
in many packages (I think I had to make some exceptions though).

> I'll put a preminalary version of my work online somewhere. More on that later
> If someone wants to cooperate with me I could use help on  (build options,
> copyright info, package descriptions, and whatever I didn't think of now.)

Surely.  After  you upload the debs and the sources for them - we'll try
to be as picky as possible :-P in pointing out weak points.

But seriously - what is important to achieve ASAP:
- state of packaging that would be good for ftpmaster to accept the
   package (so that we could make the initial upload),
- the list of binary packages resulting from the source package should
   be pretty much final (as any additional package would require
   ftpmaster intervention again).

> Maybe we can pull it off. It would rock ;)


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