[Pkg-firebird-general] Almost running fb 1.5 debian package :)

Mark O'Donohue mark.odonohue@firebirdsql.org
Tue, 22 Jun 2004 17:01:21 +1000

Hi Daniel

Daniel Urban wrote:
> Hi
>>Hopefully Im not duplicating too much work :-).
>>Ok, I have done a basic build of fb1.5 on sarge, using the latest cvs 
>>checkout from firebird.
> Build of deb or build of firebird from sources?

Build of firebird from sources - actually it's the latest from fb1.5 
branch, so it's the upcoming fb1.5.1.

Now as a complete newbe to debian packaging, and looking at:


How do I use the "experimental.diff.gz" patch, to build the packages.

Mainly i want to know what commands to I run:


$cd build1.5/firebird2
$patch -p0 < /tmp/firebird2..experimental.diff
$dpkg-deb --build ?
$ ?

> Have you done any changes in sources of firebird?

No, not in this run, other than to change configure.in to include 
libncurses (seems to vary a bit per platform).

> Do you think tha we should build our firebird2 package from
> oficial version FB or from cvs B1_5_Release branch?

Eather should do, Im working on the latest B1_5_Release branch.

I suppose which one we release, depends upon the timing of the fb1.5.1 
release.  As I understand the work has finished, it has some bugfixes, 
and it's supposed to be released "soon" - but failing that we could 
fallback to 1.5.

But currently it'd give me a sense of accomplishment to actually build a 
"deb" file :-).



PS: I replied to list, hope that's ok.