[Pkg-firebird-general] fb2 packages ready for testing

Daniel Urban daniel@sente.pl
Mon, 28 Jun 2004 12:49:31 +0200

> OK, let's skip it for now.  We *are* allowed to declare that FB2 debian
> packages work only on i686 and up, *if* this is actually impossible/too
> hard to compile and run it on older CPUs.  Can you at least try i586? 

I will compile with i586

> This is normal [*] When you unpack the sources, the only executable
> in ./debian/ is the "rules" file.  But when you're packaging the stuff,
> it's easy to omit/forget to do "chmod +x ./debian/something" i.e. in
> clean: target of debian/rules, under the assumption, that if you changed
> the executable bit in your copy - it will be preserved.  AFAIR diff
> format does not specify execution bits and whole ./debian content is
> transported as a diff.gz after all.  This is therefore job of
> dpkg-source to set the execution bit after unpacking.

I've added chmod in debian/rules

With regards
Daniel Urban