[Pkg-firebird-general] fb2 packages ready for testing

Daniel Urban daniel@sente.pl
Mon, 28 Jun 2004 15:24:20 +0200


> * extra build-deps..
> apart from docbook-to-man, there's also autoconf & libtool required to
> build. (unless, of course, I've got a really strange setup here..)

You're right - I've added dependency for autoconf & libtool also.

> * perms on [debian/make_packages.sh]
> Shouldn't this be also executable? Extracting the original tarball and
> applying the patch gives me the file but with 644 (rw-r--r--) perms.

It's allready made (I've added chmod in debian/rules)

> * missing dir :  [src/install/arch-specific/linux_sparc32]
> Obviously noone on x86 hardware is going to pick this up :) I have no
> idea what goes in here, but I'll be making an educated guess it's going
> to be very similar to the [arch-specific/linux] directory. if anyone can
> point me in the right direction for stuff to read up on or whatnot, much
> appreciated, otherwise I'll be experimenting locally here to try work
> things out..

missing dir? :-) good joke
Firebird already (I think so) doesn't support this platform.

> For now, I've just put in an empty Makefile.in (which is what it was
> complaining about) to see if there are any other critical errors while i
> try figure out how this entire thing hangs together.

Good luck :)

> Lastly, if anyone out there who has more compile skills than me wants
> access to a SPARC box? Yell and I'll see what I can do about setting
> something up.

Maybe you could ask on firebird-dev group?
Firebird-Devel mailing list, web interface at

Thank you for your feed back.

With regards
Daniel Urban