[Pkg-firebird-general] fb2 packages ready for testing

Grzegorz B. Prokopski gadek@debian.org
Tue, 29 Jun 2004 01:03:03 -0400

W li¶cie z pon, 28-06-2004, godz. 18:06, Remco Seesink pisze: 
> > In general, we should not run ./autogen.sh on upstream "dist" tar
> > archives packages, unless it's really necessary to properly build
> > the package.
> There is no ./configure otherwise.

Oh!  So there's no concept of "dist" tar archive? (that is, created with
"make dist")

> I guess that falls into the necessary category.

Apparently ;-)

> The annoying thing is it automatically runs the configure script
> after ./autogen.sh

Actually it makes sense.  If there's no configure script in tar.gz,
then creating it is part of configuration stage.  I only guess we might
want to alter the parameters w/ which configure script is called.  In
this case we might skip the call to autogen.sh altogether and just call
autotools from configure: target of ./debian/rules and then ./configure
itself (I should actually look how Daniel does this).

Hmm...  I think the reason for such tarball shape (and for the /opt-like
dirs layout) might be the goal of keeping things easily interchangeable
between Windows and Linux worlds.  One directory schema, one tarball...
that might make things easier to maintain upstream. [*]

I guess we'll have to live w/ this at least until we get fb2 into Sarge.
Then it will be time for heavier fixes.  If they're good, I am sure they
will even get accepted upstream :-)



[*] Yeah, _I_ seem to be sometimes forgetting that we're not in
a Linux-only world :-)

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