[Pkg-firebird-general] control file slight changes

Daniel Urban daniel@sente.pl
Tue, 29 Jun 2004 08:44:42 +0200


> * adding the two large "firebird is a relational database..." and 
> "Firebird is a commercially inde..." paragraphs to the 
> firebird2-server-common desc. Simply for completeness, it seems odd to 
> refer someone to a specific server style to find out generic information 
> about firebird. This may be me being pedantic however..


> * slightly reworking firebird2-classic-server and 
> firebird2-server-common desc paragraphs & fix minor spelling mistakes.


> * reworking firebird2-super-server desc a bit more, including info about 
> imposing more restrictive conditions on people writing UDF's.

What restrictions are you talking about?
I haven't heard about them. And I want to know something about it.

> * changed the 'see another package' lines slightly

ok, thank you

Daniel Urban