[Pkg-firebird-general] fb2 packages ready for testing

raseesink@hotpop.com raseesink@hotpop.com
Tue, 29 Jun 2004 06:42:20 -0400

>In allready firebird2 /opt isn't default targer directory, now it is
>(Remco said about firebird=2E1=2E0=2E3)
Nope=2E firebird 1=2E5=2E0

>Maybe we could build firebird2 now with follow configuration:
>=2E/autogen  \
> [--enable-super-server] \
> --prefix=3D/usr/lib/firebired2 \  //done allready
>and get rid of /lib and /include symlinks from fb directory?

That would be nice, but these options don't have any effect here:

Fine tuning of the installation directories:
  --bindir=3DDIR           user executables [EPREFIX/bin]
  --sbindir=3DDIR          system admin executables [EPREFIX/sbin]
  --libexecdir=3DDIR       program executables [EPREFIX/libexec]
  --datadir=3DDIR          read-only architecture-independent data
  --sysconfdir=3DDIR       read-only single-machine data [PREFIX/etc]
  --sharedstatedir=3DDIR   modifiable architecture-independent data
  --localstatedir=3DDIR    modifiable single-machine data [PREFIX/var]
  --libdir=3DDIR           object code libraries [EPREFIX/lib]
  --includedir=3DDIR       C header files [PREFIX/include]
  --oldincludedir=3DDIR    C header files for non-gcc [/usr/include]
  --infodir=3DDIR          info documentation [PREFIX/info]
  --mandir=3DDIR           man documentation [PREFIX/man]

You might want to check for yourself to make sure I am not doing something=

stupid=2E This is what I described as the "lie" earlier=2E I think it is a=
probably not yet implemented by upstream from a standard framework=2E


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