[Pkg-firebird-general] php4-interbase and classic

raseesink@hotpop.com raseesink@hotpop.com
Thu, 2 Sep 2004 07:01:22 -0400

>Can you thing any way out of the situation? One is to provide two=20
>packages - php4-interbase-(classic|super), but this is unnecessary=20
>bloat=2E Both libfbembed (classic) and libfbclient (super) have the same=20=

>API, so in theory they are interchangeable=2E The only difference is that=
>libfbembed can connect locally=2E

>Other possible solution is to link php4-interbase with libgds, but make=20=

>ld not resolve the link on link time, so ldd shall report libgds=2E0,=20
>which shall link to the installed library (super or classic) on runtime=2E=
>I don't know whether this is possible though=2E

>Third solution is to change libfirebird2-classic and libfirebird2-super=20=

>and make libgds=2Eso hard link to the corresponding libfbembed or

>What do you think? Whick solution is doable/best?

Since the release is so close I think the best option would be to go to
something that is known to work=2E Which was php4-interbase 4=2E3=2E6-1 co=
against libfirebird1=2E

For that to work I will need to build firebird1 packages without the serve=
and upload them to unstable with priority high=2E This will make sure
firebird-dev and libfirebird will exist in sarge again=2E It will close
#251458 and solve #268931 in sarge for 4=2E3=2E6-1=2E=20

After that I will make 4=2E3=2E8-2 which links against libfirebird again, =
keep it out of sarge until we are very sure it works=2E This should solve
your problems for 4=2E3=2E8 (#269471)

This has the added advantage that I can document in the firebird1 packages=

how to get unofficial firebird 1 packages with a server and php4-interbase=

would be compatible with all version again=2E

After the release of sarge a more permanent solution should be found=2E

I'd appreciate it if somebody could find flaws in this idea=2E


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