[Pkg-firebird-general] Bug#251458: Plan to get firebird, firebird2 and php4-interbase working in sarge.

Remco Seesink Remco Seesink <raseesink@hotpop.com>, 251458@bugs.debian.org
Thu, 2 Sep 2004 21:21:26 +0200

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Because of an unfixable security bug in the firebird 1.0.x (RC bug #251458)
firebird1 packages got removed from sarge. This triggered RC bug #268931.
php4-interbase could no longer be build anymore since firebird-dev
was no longer available in sarge.

To solve this php4-interbase was build against the newer firebird2 libs
which triggered RC bug #255471 and the newer package couldn't go into

Firebird1 is now considered obsolete.

To get out of this mess for sarge I am packaging firebird1 libs without
the server so the current linking situation in sarge which has been tested
for a long time can be kept. That is php4-interbase (4.3.6-1) linked against
libfirebird1. This works with the new version of firebird and has an added
bonus of being backwards compatible with unofficial 1.0.x firebird packages.

This will solve all bugs #251458, #268931 and #255471. 

php4-interbase 4.3.8 packages in unstable will be rebuild against libfirebird1
instead of libfirebird2 and when they really look stable be allowed in sarge
if we didn't freeze by then.

After sarge a more permanent solution for the problem can be worked out and
the firebird1 packages can then be dropped.


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