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Damyan Ivanov divanov@creditreform.bg
Fri, 03 Sep 2004 11:08:54 +0300

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Remco Seesink wrote:
>>I didn't test 4.3.6-1 with firebird2-super-server, however. If you want, 
>>I can give it a try tomorrow.

Tested. 4.3.6-1 works on system with firebird2-super-server (and 
libfirebird2-super) installed.

> I got it. The mailing list or my other e-mail is having delays. I appreciate it
> if you could, since I don't have a setup (yet) with IBperl involved here.

IMO, it has nothing to do with IBPerl, it is about loading both 
libfbembed and libfbclient in the same binary (apache). Later is loaded 
by php4-interbase (compiled against -server) and former is loaded by 
IBPerl (compiled against -classic)

> What is the exact package by the way containing the perl binaries linked against
> the firebird libraries?

There is no such package :-(

The original author of BIPerl, Bill Karwin, now suggests using 
DBD::InterBase (available on CPAN), but this module has some unclear 
wording in the license, which cannot be accepted "as-is" in Debian. I'll 
try again contacting the author and try to convince him to make the 
license DFSG-free and then attept to package it. IBPerl itself is 
DFSG-free (perl license), but unmaintained upstream for years. The 
variant I am using is actually rather heavy patched. It is for my 
company's use, but available on request. It is not online, because there 
seems to be no interest in it.

Now I note, that if any of DBD::InterBase and IBPerl is to be packaged, 
it will face the same problem that php4-interbase is having now. Hmm, 
this can motivate me to read the docs for alternatives and diversions...

> P.S. I am nominating you for the best bug report of 2004 :)

Thanks, I am glad my bugreport wasn't confusing, it appeared rather long 
and perplex to me :-)


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