[pkg-firebird-general] Re: Being a beta tester for Firebird 2package on Debian

Damyan Ivanov dam at modsoftsys.com
Fri Nov 24 16:52:17 CET 2006

Hi, Valdir,

Valdir Marcos -=| 24.11.2006 06:00 |=-
> I agree with you about the coexistence.

Good ;)

> Could you chance the names "firebird2-super-server" and
> "firebrid2-2.0-super-server" to "firebird15-super-server" and
> "firebrid20-super-server" because very soon we are going to have FB 2.1,
> 2.5, 3.0 and 3.1 according to international news (Dmitry Yemanov in
> Prague November 2006)?

I can try to rename firebird2 to firebird-1.5 and firebird2-2.0 to
firebird-2.0, yes. Renaming packages with complicated
inter-dependencies is not my favourite, but I agree this is the way to go.

> Again, could the directories be "/etc/firebird15" and "/etc/firebird20"?

I'd prefer /etc/firebird/1.5/  /etc/firebird/2.0 etc

> Could this instalations create the users and groups "firebird15" and
> "firebird20"?

Why separate users/groups for each version? What's wrong with single
user? All apache versions use the same user - www-data.

>> This is why I'd prefer to have both versions installable, even if not
>> at the same time.
> If we change all those information of my questions we can make many
> firebird server versions coexist without problems.

Not simultaneously. Two reasons:

Some binaries are in /usr/bin and I don't want to have
/usr/bin/gfix-1.5 and /usr/bin/gfix-2.0 - it's ugly and an overkill
having in mind that the typical installation will have only one
version installed.

The other problem is the listening port - I don't want to use custom
ports. gds_db service has a port registered, let's use it.

> I have no experience on subversion software or building deb files, but I
> learn very fast. Can you teach me the first steps so I can help you with
> firebird and flamerobin deb files?

I am not sure how to start :)

A good book for subversion is at http://svnbook.red-bean.com/

As of debian packaging, it is very wide area; I am still learning :)
You may want to take a look at http://www.bg.debian.org/devel/join/
There is a lot to read, but don't panic and arm yourself with
patience. Please read below for more ways to help.

> If we can create firebird and flamerobin deb files, many users can
> install them by dpkg while these deb files are not accepted as "stable"
> by Debian administrators! As a matter of fact, nowadays, I install them
> on Debian by "tar.gz" file...

You're talking about 2.0, I guess (1.5.3 is in Debian/testing).
Please note that the stable policy is very restrictive. Once released,
stable accepts only very critical changes - security fixes, grave bugs
etc. In no case stable can accept a new upstream release.

Debian release behaviour is maybe different from what you expect.

In general any new version of a package (upstream release or debian
revision) enters unstable first. Then after certain period of time it
enters "testing", but only if the package has no release-critical
bugs. Then, once in a while, release managers declare a new Debian
"stable" release, containing packages from "testing". This "stable" is
then frozen for changes.

Here's an article about this

No one can stop us from providing backported packages, though
(packages with new versions, built to be installable on stable). There
is even a semi-official site, dedicated to this - backports.org.

I've never built a 1.5 firebird packages for sarge, since I personally
use a mix of stable, testing and unstable (even for servers; Sometimes
I regret it) and second, no one asked for this :) There are no big
technical difficulties of preparing a backport, really.

Now that Etch release is near and 2.0 packages won't be there, I
certainly will try to packport them.

I'll need help in two areas - discussing handling different versions
(which we already do), and testing new packages, which are not ready
yet, but will be soon, I hope.

Kind regards,
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dam at modsoftsys.com
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