[pkg-firebird-general] Debian packages of firebird 2.0 available for your testing preasure

Andre Tomt andre at tomt.net
Fri Jan 19 23:50:42 CET 2007

Damyan Ivanov wrote:
> Andre Tomt написа:
>> Connection refused
> Argh!
> Please replace the ".com" with ".net". Sorry about this.
>   deb ftp://ftp.modsoftsys.net/public experimental main
>   deb-src ftp://ftp.modsoftsys.net/public experimental main
> ftp://ftp.modsoftsys.net/public/pool/main/f/firebird2.0/firebird2.0_2.0.0.12748.ds1-1.dsc 
> Thank you, Andre for spotting this (and for wanting th test firebird2.0 
> :) )

Currently chasing 1.5 segfault bugs on amd64, setting up 2.0 to check 
the current status on those. Anyway, one bug in the new packaging:

/etc/default/firebird2.0-super says ".. or run `dpkg-reconfigure 
firebird2.0-super' as root".

# dpkg-reconfigure firebird2.0-super
postinst called with unknown argument `upgrade'

This probably blocks debconf setting of sysdba password too.

After manually setting ENABLE_SUPER_SERVER=yes and making a password 
file for using non-standard sysdba password, it seems to work so far.

Soon there will even be real data and queries running ;-)

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