Bug#408361: [pkg-firebird-general] Bug#408361: firebird2-common: must pre-depend on adduser, not depend on it

Damyan Ivanov dam at modsoftsys.com
Thu Jan 25 12:59:17 CET 2007

-=| Lucas Nussbaum, 25.01.2007 12:21 |=-
> During a piuparts run over all the packages in etch, I ran into a
> problem with your package:

Thank you for your efforts!

Is this mail part of a mass-big filing that was already discussed? Can
you give me a pointer?

> Selecting previously deselected package firebird2-common.
> Unpacking firebird2-common (from .../firebird2-common_1.5.3.4870-11_all.deb) ...
> adduser: `/etc/adduser.conf' does not exist. Using defaults.
> Adding system user `firebird' (UID 104) ...
> Adding new group `firebird' (GID 105) ...
> Adding new user `firebird' (UID 104) with group `firebird' ...
> Password:
> Since adduser is in Depends, not Pre-depends, it is not configured yet at this
> point. You should pre-depend on it, so it is configured at preinst time (or
> move your adduser call to postinst, if that's possible).

Strange. Isn't adduser supposed *not* to ask for passwords for
--system users? I don't see any setting about this in
/etc/adduser.conf. How would configuring adduser make any difference?

Moreover, reading adduser's source, it indeed does not prompt for
password for --system users, it simply relies on `useradd', which in
turn does not prompt for password by design.

Are you sure the log above is complete? Can you give me a recipe for
reproducing it?

Moving the adduser call to postinst is possible, but I am not
convinced it is worth the trouble. A couple of packages (all in the
same source package as firebird2-common - firebrid2) depend on
firebird2-common being done with the account creation and I prefer to
have a strong reason to fiddle with them just before the release.

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