Bug#408361: [pkg-firebird-general] Bug#408361: firebird2-common: must pre-depend on adduser, not depend on it

Damyan Ivanov dam at modsoftsys.com
Thu Jan 25 21:50:44 CET 2007

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- -=| Lucas Nussbaum, 25.01.2007 20:08 |=-
> On 25/01/07 at 13:59 +0200, Damyan Ivanov wrote:
>>> Selecting previously deselected package firebird2-common.
>>> Unpacking firebird2-common (from .../firebird2-common_1.5.3.4870-11_all.deb) ...
>>> adduser: `/etc/adduser.conf' does not exist. Using defaults.
>>> Adding system user `firebird' (UID 104) ...
>>> Adding new group `firebird' (GID 105) ...
>>> Adding new user `firebird' (UID 104) with group `firebird' ...
>>> Password:
>>> Since adduser is in Depends, not Pre-depends, it is not configured yet at this
>>> point. You should pre-depend on it, so it is configured at preinst time (or
>>> move your adduser call to postinst, if that's possible).
>> Strange. Isn't adduser supposed *not* to ask for passwords for
>> --system users? I don't see any setting about this in
>> /etc/adduser.conf. How would configuring adduser make any difference?
> Well, it's chfn that prompts for a password, actually. Configuring
> adduser (i.e: letting it run its postinst) solves the problem.

chfn misbehaves if adduser is not configured? How nice :)

Anyway, It took me an hour to figure why this is my problem. See Policy
7.2, "Pre-Depends are also required if the preinst script depends on the
named package."

>> Can you give me a recipe for
>> reproducing it?
> In a chroot (preferably):
> apt-get remove --purge adduser ; apt-get install firebird2-common

Didn't work (i.e, package installs ok with no problems. Very strange).

> Yes, the simpler solution would be to add it to the pre-depends.

This is what I'll do. Are you willing to sponsor the upload?

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