[pkg-firebird-general] Bug#648218: Bug#648218: firebird2.5-classic: fb_inet_server segfaults several time a day

Chiefly Izzy chieflyizzy at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 20:04:11 UTC 2011

On 9. 11. 2011, at 20:51, Damyan Ivanov wrote:

> Even to the classic server? That's strange since fb_inet_server is run 
> from inetd/xinetd and if you can't connect there is something terribly 
> wrong somewhere.

Sorry, I used wrong words here. I can telnet to port 3050, so, (x)inetd does work and it starts another fb_inet_server. But that's all, can't use this connection. The problem is that I have closed source client on Windows and it simply freezes and no longer works. When I kill this client, start it again, it doesn't work ...

> I wonder why killing is necessary.

... and it started to work again when I do this ...

/etc/init.d/openbsd-inetd stop
killall -9 fb_inet_server
/etc/init.d/openbsd-inetd start

... and after these steps, client app does work normally again. According to ps, when this happens, I have obviously +- 10 instances of fb_inet_server running. New instance of fb_inet_server is started after each segfault message.

When I tried -superclassic, -super, I have to kill it also to make it working.

> I have similar segfault messages with (64-bit 
> squeeze), but these be emitted when clients disconnect from the server 
> and are harmless.

According to our client application vendor, connection is one and is keep alived.

When I tried to install Windows 2008 server, made same setup, it does work flawlessly without any issues. Same version of Firebird.

> Is this the same in your case or does the process crash during its 
> work?

Crash during work.

There shouldn't be problem in connection drops, etc. because both machines are on the same local network.

If you want me to test anything when this happens, let me know what, I can do whatever to get more info what's happening.

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