[pkg-firebird-general] Bug#648218: firebird2.5-classic: fb_inet_server segfaults several time a day

Chiefly Izzy chieflyizzy at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 12:40:47 UTC 2011

Hi all,

so far, it looks pretty stable for today. Since 7 AM (it's 2 PM now) we
have started additional clients (4 now instead of 1 before) and there are
no crashes and everything does work as expected.

No freezed fb_inet_server processes and still some crashes in logs ...

root at server:~# tail -f /var/log/messages
Nov 16 08:15:08 server kernel: [630501.034377] fb_inet_server[15875]:
segfault at b1dfda88 ip b1dfda88 sp b60db34c error 4 in
Nov 16 08:18:03 server kernel: [630675.616160] fb_inet_server[15919]:
segfault at b1d06a88 ip b1d06a88 sp b5fd434c error 4 in
Nov 16 08:43:51 server kernel: [632221.925028] fb_inet_server[15978]:
segfault at b1e69a88 ip b1e69a88 sp b616834c error 4 in
Nov 16 08:44:42 server kernel: [632273.510958] fb_inet_server[15987]:
segfault at b1d21a88 ip b1d21a88 sp b602034c error 4 in
Nov 16 08:48:44 server kernel: [632515.336123] fb_inet_server[16004]:
segfault at b1e8ca88 ip b1e8ca88 sp b618b34c error 4
Nov 16 09:23:55 server kernel: [634624.602696] fb_inet_server[16054]:
segfault at b1e5fa88 ip b1e5fa88 sp b614e34c error 4
Nov 16 10:16:56 server kernel: [637802.845802] fb_inet_server[16103]:
segfault at b1e89a88 ip b1e89a88 sp b618834c error 4 in
Nov 16 10:46:36 server kernel: [639580.911182] fb_inet_server[16171]:
segfault at b1d17a88 ip b1d17a88 sp b601534c error 4 in
Nov 16 10:47:13 server kernel: [639617.967977] fb_inet_server[16186]:
segfault at b1d18a88 ip b1d18a88 sp b600734c error 4
Nov 16 10:48:14 server kernel: [639678.277943] fb_inet_server[16188]:
segfault at b1e37a88 ip b1e37a88 sp b613634c error 4

... but as you wrote before, they're innocent and appear when client closes
connection only. No other crashes around.

So, it's classic for today. I'll leave it on classic till midnight and if
it will work without problems till midnight, I'll replace classic with
-superclassic, same round for one day, and then -super for another day.

I'll let you know. But for now, does work perfectly.

Feel free to send me anything to test. I'll spend tomorrow and day after
tomorrow with -superclassic and -super testing.
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