[pkg-firebird-general] Bug#867200: Reopening Bug#867200: src:firebird3.0: Does not build reproducibly

Damyan Ivanov dmn at debian.org
Mon Jul 31 09:21:22 UTC 2017

Control: reopen -1
Control: found -1

> Bug#867200: fixed in firebird3.0

The following change made the build non-deterministic again:

 firebird3.0 ( unstable; urgency=medium
   * Revert "Stop shipping employee.fdb in firebird3.0-examples"
   * Revert "stop trying to supply deterministic security3.fdb and employee.fdb
     in the package"
   * Ship employee sample database as a Firebird database backup (.fbk)
     Firebird backup files seem to be more deterministic compared to the raw
     database (provided you use faketime -- the backup contains timestamp
     of creation). See #867200

My local tests seemed to show that running gbak under faketime makes 
it use a deterministing timestamp for the backup, but this didn't work 
somehow for the r-b test. 

So, reopening.

-- dam

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