[SCM] GNU Shockwave Flash (SWF) player annotated tag, debian/0.8.8-9, created. debian/0.8.8-9

Gabriele Giacone gg0-guest at alioth.debian.org
Tue Jan 25 01:52:43 UTC 2011

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The annotated tag, debian/0.8.8-9 has been created
        at  d4974b76ae793ef6ccec781bf5873ffaea46e592 (tag)
   tagging  e9a053215b28f8a0ac4c9c4dd3736d16f43d4b70 (commit)
  replaces  upstream/0.8.8
 tagged by  Gabriele Giacone
        on  Tue Jan 25 02:36:21 2011 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Debian release 0.8.8-9

Alexander Sack (8):
      merge Alexander Sack 2007-06-12 revert baby's changes for revisions 47..58; cherry-pick whats needed afterwards
      * debian/libklash0.install, debian/control, debian/rules: produce libklash0 package and provide proper s
      remove dh_installdirs helpers: debian/gnash-cygnal.dirs, debian/gnash.dirs debian/klash.dirs debian/konqueror-plugin-gnash.dirs debian/libgnash-dev.dirs debian/libgnash0.dirs debian/mozilla-plugin-gnash.dirs
      for real: remove dh_installdirs helpers: debian/gnash-cygnal.dirs, debian/gnash.dirs debian/klash.dirs debian/konqueror-plugin-gnash.dirs debian/libgnash-dev.dirs debian/libgnash0.dirs debian/mozilla-plugin-gnash.dirs
      * remove obsolete files: README.Debian, control.full
      * debian/control: drop libsdl1.2-dev, libsdl-mixer1.2-dev, libfltk1.1-dev from build-depends
      * debian/changelog: update changelog for release
      * debian/control: don't support gstreamer 0.8 anymore -> drop from Build-Depends

Gabriele Giacone (47):
      added german,japanese,vietnamese translations
      added Vcs-* fields
      added manuals to gnash-common
      removed duplicated libpango1.0-dev from B-D
      removed duplicated Section: utils (now video)
      info docs and doc-base fix
      info docs fix
      making lintian happier
      lintian: hyphen-used-as-minus-sign and patch for typos
      removed some overrides, added get-git-source, parallel build option
      added -dbg and -doc packages
      added xsltproc, docbook-xsl to B-D
      added swfdec transition
      g-common doesn't replace swfdec libs
      dummy pkgs all->any
      removed shlibs-both.local
      3.0quilt, buildinfo only in g-common, dh_shlibdeps/3
      mozilla/plugins dir
      removed unrecognized configure options
      removed README.source
      plugin dir created in postinst
      no ldconfig in post/pre scripts
      added epoch to swfdec-gnome version for transition
      almost lintian clean
      mozilla-plugin-gnash -> browser-plugin-gnash
      mozilla-plugin-gnash -> browser-plugin-gnash 2
      added transitional mozilla-plugin-gnash
      reworded short and long desc
      priority extra to dummy packages
      Tag Release
      preparing 0.8.8-6
      bug urls in patches
      back to plugin dir creation in .dirs
      Upload by Petter Reinholdtsen
      disable jemalloc even on kfreebsd-*, arch any to all for transitional pkgs
      fix not-binnmuable-all-depends-any lintian tag
      d/copyright to DEP-5 format, fixed long desc spelling, fixed binnmu-ability
      added browser-plugin-gnash lintian override
      removed po files regeneration from build process
      update d/copyright rev
      d/copyright back to old format
      added fixmanpage and 08_sectempfiles patches
      Merge commit 'ab74db48408d3324647b1cb6fe6e77c83450ada2' into 0.8.8/squeeze
      add epoch to swfdec-gnome

Miriam Ruiz (220):
      [svn-inject] Installing original source of gnash
      [svn-inject] Forking gnash source to Trunk
      Load newtrunk into packages/gnash/trunk.
      [svn-inject] Setting properties of gnash/debian/
      Updated changelog
      Added cmdline.patch to solve problem of cmdline parser failure with "a=b.swf".
      Added --without-gcc-arch to ./configure in debian/rules so that the
      Leaving the CVS dirs in package. They might be useful for updating the
      Added libboost-dev and libboost-thread-dev to Build-Depends.
      Added usr/lib/kde3/libklashpart.la to konqueror-plugin-gnash so that Konqueror can detect the plugin.
      Changes in the overrides
      Modified changelog
      Mail from "Tomas Groth" <tomasgroth at yahoo.dk> :
      Changed Firefox plugin directory from /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/plugins/
      Removed duplicate dependency: libgstreamer0.10-dev
      0.7.2 Release
      Updated dependencies
      Added dependencies
      Man Pages
      Added package cygnal
      Man Page
      Man Pages changed
      Correct minor things
      Changelog correction
      Minor update to clean.
      rm -f  libltdl/* fail, because  libltdl/CVS/ exists. Corrected.
      New version
      Added resources files
      cut long strings
      Newer version
      Changed configure to use AGG renderer:
      Added build dependency: libagg-dev
      Added gstreamer0.10-fluendo-mp3 to recommends
      Updated man pages and version number
      Added line to changelog
      Removed aditional parameter to dh_makeshlibs
      Do not depend on OpenSSL
      Closes: #423433 ( http://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/?19774 )
      gstreamer0.10-alsa | gstreamer0.10-audiosink
      Updated dependencies to use libcurl4 instead of libcurl3
      Updated changelog
      Changes in the libary version
      Changes in dependencies and checks
      Updated changelog
      Make check not fatal again.
      Added patch for Ming headers in make check
      Make check is made non fatal error again.
      Switching to 0.8.0 release
      Updated manpages
      Removed checks
      new patch
      Added missing libraries
      Added new package: libklash0
      Removed *.dirs files
      Reestructured the code in debian/rules so that multiple builds can be made
      Added missing package
      Switching to HEAD again
      Upgraded man pages
      Updated copyright to reflect license of the packaging itself
      Changed asac's email in uploaders
      No need to create the directories by hand
      Cleaned up rules a bit
      Build depends on automake 1.9 or > 1.10
      Reestructured the code in debian/rules so that multiple builds can be made.
      Small typo
      Proper hoempage
      commented out installexamples
      Added --disable-rpath to ./configure switches
      Updated changelog
      Using chrpath to remove rpath, at least in amd64
      Remove rpath also from /usr/bin
      New version
      Updated changelog
      New Upstream Release
      Remove patches
      Fix override files
      As it was uploaded to Debian repositories: 0.8.1~rc.070818-1
      Released in Debian as 0.8.1~rc.070818-2
      NMU by Simon McVittie <smcv at ianadd.pseudorandom.co.uk>
      Added shlibs.local. 0.8.1~rc.070818-2.1 in Debian (really, I swear, this time is true)
      New Upstream Release
      Fixed get-orig-source target in debian/rules
      Fixed copyright and license information
      Added Homepage field to debian/control.
      Updated Standards-Version to 3.7.3.
      Added dh_desktop to debian/rules.
      Added new build dependencies: libboost-serialization-dev, python
      Added patch to disable the testsuite: disable-testsuite.patch
      Added DM-Upload-Allowed: yes to debian/control
      Removed libgnashgeo and libgnashbackend from debian/gnash-common.install
      Fixed man pages generation system and built new manpages.
      Added proper version numbering, including date, to build results.
      Delete po/*.gmo and ./compile in clean target in debian/rules.
      Fixed disable-testsuite.patch.
      debian/rules: Added make install-plugins to install the plugins.
      Added Lintian overrides to ignore warning: description-contains-homepage
      Added links from gnash manpage to gtk-gnash, kde-gnash and klash.
      Fixed dependencies
      Added patch to fix error in upstream manpage: fix-upstream-manpage.patch
      Added patch ftbfs-gcc-4.3.patch to solve compilation problems with GCC 4.3. Closes: #455395
      Removed the XS prefix from Xs-Vcs-Bzr in debian/control, as it is an official tag now.
      Removed Homepage from long descriptions.
      Removed Lintian override: gnash-plugin binary: package-name-doesnt-match-sonames libmozsdk0
      Debian Release 0.8.1+cvs20080212.1133-1
      Prepare new release
      Added versioned buil dependency to klash to prevent linking to GPLv2 only
      Shortened long description for most of binary packages
      Small fix to versioned dependency on base-files
      Added my name to changelog :P
      Compare libqt3-mt-dev with 3:3.3.8 instead of 3.3.8
      Merged latest changes
      Remove unneeded file
      Compare libqt3-mt-dev and libqt3-mt with 3:3.3.8 instead of 3.3.8 to check that it's GPLv3 sompatible
      Synced with 0.8.2 branch
      Compare libqt3-mt-dev and libqt3-mt with 3:3.3.8 instead of 3.3.8 to check
      Added new patch to fix minor compilation bug: kde_include_types.patch
      Sern error lines to /dev/null in h2m scripts
      New Upstream Version: 0.8.3-rc2
      Fixed double call to configure and removed bashism
      Fixed configure
      Added --ignore-missing-info to dh_shlibdeps
      Fix installation of OpenGL libs
      Changed UNRELEASED to experimental. Ready for uploading.
      Added entry in changelog
      Added missing Build-Depends libboost-filesystem-dev (Closes: #480634)
      New Upstream Release
      Fix patch
      Fixed changelog
      Modified README.Debian file
      Updated man pages
      Allowed opengl again
      Fixed dependencies
      Upgraded Standards-Version to 3.8.0
      Fixed Changelog
      Added two binary packages to handle opengl rendering backend
      Removed symlinks in debian/
      Added missing files
      Prepare new package for upload.
      New changelog entry
      Upgrade to latest version in Bazaar
      Added support for alternatives
      Make package compile
      Switch to using libgif-dev instead of libungif4-dev, as the latter is deprecated
      Sync with package in Debian repositories
      New Upstream Release
      Fix patches
      Add missing dir
      Small fix
      Add patch release_version.patch
      * Linking against libqt4-dev instead of libqt3-mt-dev
      Fixed install
      Fixes overrides and pixmaps
      Prepare for upload
      It seems to want qt3
      Fixed bug in icon path
      Added override
      Fixed building and lintian warnings
      Added patch for properly building
      New release:
      Start development for next 0.8.5 release
      Prepare upload to experimental
      Start preparing release 0.8.5-1
      Fixed some things
      Cleaned debian/rules a bit. Thanks to Felix Salfelder <felix at salfelder.org>
      Fixed: klash-opengl is uninstallable (Depends: klash (= 0.8.5-1+b1), which says Conflicts: klash-opengl)
      Some fixes
      New Upstream Release
      Prepare release
      Activate rudimentary AVM2 implementation. Closes: #555044
      Added -Wl,--no-add-needed to LDFLAGS
      Prepare for new upstream release
      New Upstream Release
      Added info to changelog
      Added missing library
      Upgraded compat from 4 to 5
      Refreshed patches
      Fixed some Lintian warnings
      Remove changelogs from debian/docs
      Prepare release
      Added KDE4/OpenGL packages
      Add missing manpages
      Fix Watch File. Closes: #570323
      Using gst instead of ffmpeg
      Fixed changelog
      Clear lintian warnings
      Fix packaging bug
      Prepare release for upload to unstable
      Cleaned up rules and control a bit
      Added patch build_on_ia64.patch. See: #571319
      Removed csound from recommeds. Closes: #570212
      Changed short descriptions according to #522865
      Added patch
      Fix debian/*.desktop.in files. Closes: #475853
      Added support for Renesas SH4. Closes: #563167
      Fixed debian/*.local files
      Prepare release
      Fixed dependencies so that it compiles against latest boost. Closes: #587967
      Fix changelog
      Prepare release
      Prepare package for version 0.8.8
      Removed -opengl packages
      Disable AVM2
      Fix list of files to install
      Fixed man pages
      Fixed manpages to install
      New Upstream Release
      Refreshed patches
      Removed get-bzr-source from debian/rules
      Prepare upload to experimental
      Changed Maintainer to pkg-flash-devel at lists.alioth.debian.org
      Changed section to video
      Removed Robert Millan from uploaders
      Added support for MIME for ShockWave Flash and FutureSplash Flash
      Added proper support for any/all packages
      Fix changelog
      Prepare release
      Added -opengl transitional packages again
      Prepare for upload to unstable

Robert Millan (17):
      * New upstream snapshot.
      + Add libgnashnet to gnash-common.install and shlibs.local.
      Pass CXXFLAGS to configure script to make DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=noopt work.  Thanks Willi Mann <willi at wm1.at>.  (Closes: #471833)
      Install missing upstream /etc/gnash{,plugin}rc files.
      Remove gcc-4.3.patch.  It's apparently not needed anymore (Martin Michlmayr confirmed it).
      Use --ignore-missing-info to make dpkg-shlibdeps happy (no big deal for a library package that has zero external dependencies).
      Update snapshot date, target experimental.
      * New upstream snapshot.
      * Add debian/patches/disable_fvisibility-inlines-hidden.  Fixes build on
      * Only pass --ignore-missing-info to dpkg-shlibdeps when the version
      Remove hardcoded libqt3-mt dependency.  It was only there for GPLv3 compliance, and we don't need it with Qt4.
      * Misc improvements to gnash.desktop.  Thanks Josselin Mouette.
      * L10N support for gnash.desktop.  Thanks Josselin Mouette.
      [ New translations ]
      releasing version 0.8.6-2
      * Upstream build system requires recent libtool.  Turn libtool
      2.2.6a actually, which is bpo-friendly


GNU Shockwave Flash (SWF) player

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