Bug#678795: task-desktop: Flash support should pull in browser-plugin-lightspark

Per Olofsson pelle at debian.org
Wed Jun 27 11:26:20 UTC 2012

2012-06-27 13:12, Per Olofsson skrev:
> I think we should consider removing Flash entirely, instead of shipping
> a plugin that only works sometimes and stops superior HTML5 players from
> appearing. I think Flash is a dying technology that will be replaced by
> HTML5 in time. When wheezy has been released, more sites will probably
> have HTML5 support and the support will continue to grow. Flash support,
> OTOH, can only get worse over time since the plugin will not be updated
> after the wheezy release and things might break.
> The big drawback with not shipping a Flash plugin is that many YouTube
> videos won't work. But perhaps they will start work in the future once
> Google has added ad support to the HTML5 player?

Oh, and with "shipping", I mean including it in the desktop task. I have
no problem with having Flash plugins in the archive.


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