gnash_0.8.11~git20130903-3~bpo70+1_amd64.changes REJECTED

tony mancill tmancill at
Mon Dec 2 04:50:03 UTC 2013

On 12/01/2013 05:21 PM, Gabriele Giacone wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 1, 2013 at 6:45 PM, tony mancill <tmancill at> wrote:
>> In looking at the debdiffs (attached) between a rebuild of the current
>> version in jessie (against jessie) and the proposed BPO build for
>> wheezy, the only substantive difference I see is that some png files are
>> appearing in the apidoc that aren't in the jessie version.  I'm not sure
>> whether these are a concern or not; I believe they might be related to
>> the version of doxygen in wheezy vs. jessie.
> They do appear in jessie not in wheezy build, anyway I think you are
> right, doxygen version (bugfixes between and 1.8.4?).
> Thanks again for reuploading.

Err... yeah - I had those flipped.  Uploaded again.


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