Bug#768332: About aschi.debian.org (Was: Builds on asachi.debian.org, patch)

peter green plugwash-urgent at p10link.net
Wed Nov 19 21:02:39 UTC 2014

Anton Gladky wrote:
> tags 768332 +patch
> thanks
> Hi,
> I have just built lightsparc on asachi.debian.org successfully.
> But it seems, it is a armhf.
It seems that the MOTD and documentation could do with some work. The 
motd on asachi indeed confusingly announces the system as as the "Debian 
armhf porterbox". I guess it's autogenerated by some DSA script.

the documentation at https://dsa.debian.org/doc/schroot/ does tell 
people how to get a list of chroots but if you don't know that the 
porterbox offers chroots for multiple architectures you are likely to 
skip that step.

The "outer system" on asachi is an arm64 kernel with an armhf userland. 
AIUI this is because DSA preffer to have machines running stable and 
there is no arm64 stable yet.

It seems the default chroots are also armhf (I guess again there is a 
DSA script that makes them follow the userland architecture of the 
"outer system"), to get an arm64 chroot session you need to do

schroot -b -c sid_arm64-dchroot -n <session name>

(replacing <session name> with the name of the session).
> Upstream fix for this bug is here [1].
> [1] https://github.com/lightspark/lightspark/commit/3d55371ee7a2524274ff3cdc546c845203ccd8ea.patch
> Anton

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