[debian-freedict] Package descriptions -- less technical

Sebastian Humenda shumenda at gmx.de
Thu May 16 06:27:23 UTC 2013

Hello everyone,

I guess we all agree that the package descriptions for the packages should be
auto generated. I current have something like this (first line is the short
description for package lists):

Description: Latin-German dictionary for the dict server/client 
 This is the Latin-German dictionary from the FreeDict project in version 0.4.
 It contains 7334 headwords (FreeDict status: small). It can be used for the
 dict server in conjungtion with a dict client. 

The last sentence is a bit to technical. On one hand the user should know that a
dict client is necessary, on the other hand some (not that technical) users
might get confused by that. We could of course write: a dict client such as
kdict or GNOME-dict. But this list should be complete then (at least for
available Debian packages), otherwise we discriminate an application.

BTW, the whole package description is open for suggestions!
Opinions on the topic?

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