[debian-freedict] fw: Bug#732188: RFS: freedict -- free bilingual dictionary databases

Sebastian Humenda shumenda at gmx.de
Sun Jan 5 19:06:13 UTC 2014


FYI: the packages are ready now to upload (at least I think so) and  here is the
relevant bug. I hope Sébastien will upload those. This would be a great step
For the future I would like to see more activity here :-). There are still some
unreviewed patchs for the dictionaries which a native speaker could easily
integrate into the dictionaries.

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Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2013 13:13:58 +0100
From: Sebastian Humenda <shumenda at gmx.de>
To: submit at bugs.debian.org
Subject: Bug#732188: RFS: freedict -- free bilingual dictionary databases
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Package: sponsorship-requests
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Dear mentors,

after the FreeDict packages got orphaned I started to prepare new Debian
packages because Debian as a international project needs free dictionary
databases in its archive. Now I'm looking for sponsors for my package(s):

 * Package name    : freedict
 * Version         : 2013.11.30
 * Upstream Author : The FreeDict project
 * URL             : http://freedict.org
 * License         : various (depending on dictionary, included in copyright
 * Section         : text

The list of packages might seem a bit large at the first glance, but it has to
be noted that the package's packaging is mostly auto-generated and therefore the
packages are mostly identical (except for the data, of course).

It builds those binary packages:

    dict-freedict-afr-deu dict-freedict-afr-eng dict-freedict-ara-eng
    dict-freedict-bre-fra dict-freedict-ces-eng dict-freedict-ckb-kmr
    dict-freedict-cym-eng dict-freedict-dan-eng dict-freedict-deu-eng
    dict-freedict-deu-fra dict-freedict-deu-ita dict-freedict-deu-kur
    dict-freedict-deu-nld dict-freedict-deu-por dict-freedict-deu-tur
    dict-freedict-eng-afr dict-freedict-eng-ara dict-freedict-eng-ces
    dict-freedict-eng-cym dict-freedict-eng-deu dict-freedict-eng-ell
    dict-freedict-eng-fra dict-freedict-eng-gle dict-freedict-eng-hin
    dict-freedict-eng-hrv dict-freedict-eng-hun dict-freedict-eng-ita
    dict-freedict-eng-lat dict-freedict-eng-lit dict-freedict-eng-nld
    dict-freedict-eng-pol dict-freedict-eng-por dict-freedict-eng-rom
    dict-freedict-eng-rus dict-freedict-eng-spa dict-freedict-eng-srp
    dict-freedict-eng-swe dict-freedict-eng-tur dict-freedict-fra-bre
    dict-freedict-fra-deu dict-freedict-fra-eng dict-freedict-fra-nld
    dict-freedict-gla-deu dict-freedict-gle-eng dict-freedict-gle-pol
    dict-freedict-hrv-eng dict-freedict-hun-eng dict-freedict-isl-eng
    dict-freedict-ita-deu dict-freedict-ita-eng dict-freedict-jpn-deu
    dict-freedict-kha-deu dict-freedict-kha-eng dict-freedict-kur-deu
    dict-freedict-kur-eng dict-freedict-kur-tur dict-freedict-lat-deu
    dict-freedict-lat-eng dict-freedict-lit-eng dict-freedict-mkd-bul
    dict-freedict-nld-deu dict-freedict-nld-eng dict-freedict-nld-fra
    dict-freedict-nno-nob dict-freedict-oci-cat dict-freedict-pol-gle
    dict-freedict-por-deu dict-freedict-por-eng dict-freedict-san-deu
    dict-freedict-slk-eng dict-freedict-spa-ast dict-freedict-spa-eng
    dict-freedict-srp-eng dict-freedict-swe-eng dict-freedict-swh-pol
    dict-freedict-tur-deu dict-freedict-tur-eng

You can download all packages together with the *.dsc, *.orig.tar.gz, *.changes,
*.debian.gz, *.diff.gz as one tbz2 archive from:


The packaging is done via git:


More information about the FreeDict project can be obtained from


Changes since the last upload:

  * new maintainer (Closes: 704967)
  * upstream fixed wrong translation in eng-deu (Closes: #652124)
  * fix [upstream] incorrect words in deu-eng and reimport it from upstream
    (Closes: #630374)
  * import of new upstream version
  * reworked [completely] debian build infrastructure
       * debian/control is now autogenerated
  * bump standards-version

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me or write
to the mailing list:

    pkg-freedict-discuss at lists.alioth.debian.org

Thank you in advance

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