[debian-freedict] Bug#759952: Build failure is caused by parallel build

Jan Niehusmann jan at gondor.com
Sun Sep 14 22:11:40 UTC 2014


it seems like #759952 is caused by the parallel build.

The output shows the following sequence of events:

1) the debian/rules target 'build-prep' executes "cd hun-eng; make hun-eng.tei"
2) make hun-eng.tei runs:
   cp hun-eng.tei.header hun-eng.tei
   ./szotar-dbf2tei.pl >> hun-eng.tei 
3) while the perl program is still running, debian/rules runs
   "/usr/bin/make -C hun-eng hun-eng.dict.dz" (from the all-dz target,
   which can run in parallel to build-prep)
4) the makefile target hun-eng.c5 of the make call from 3) runs
   xsltproc on hun-eng.tei before ./szotar-dbf2tei.pl finished.
   Therefore, it sees just the empty hun-eng.tei.header, with a length
   of 68 lines, which matches the error message.

The "Double definition" lines are not related. They are just warnings
and wouldn't cause the build to fail.

So I think there are two ways to fix this FTBFS:

a) forbid parallel builds
b) set proper dependencies so all-dz doesn't run before build-prep is
   finished, and make sure that's the only issue (I didn't check for
   other race conditions)


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