[debian-freedict] Bug#759952: Bug#759952: Build failure is caused by parallel build

Sebastian Humenda shumenda at gmx.de
Mon Sep 15 15:35:20 UTC 2014

Hello Jan,

Jan Niehusmann schrieb am 15.09.2014,  0:11 +0200:
>it seems like #759952 is caused by the parallel build.
>The "Double definition" lines are not related. They are just warnings
>and wouldn't cause the build to fail.
Yes, those are just produced by dbview.

>So I think there are two ways to fix this FTBFS:
>a) forbid parallel builds
>b) set proper dependencies so all-dz doesn't run before build-prep is
Sorry, yesterday evening a patch was introduced upstream to address this. Thank
you very much for your investigative work, I'll try to push the upstream fix as
soon as possible.

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