[Pkg-freevo-maint] freevo SVN changes

A Mennucc mennucc1 at debian.org
Sun Feb 24 15:32:13 UTC 2008

hi Georg

I saw that you did a bunch of changes in SVN; I have some questions.

--------- regarding templates:

1) is it useful to mark the template choices
 Choices: x11, fbdev, dxr3, mga, directfb, dfbmga, dga
 Choices: 800x600, 768x576, 640x480
 Choices: xserver, recordserver, encodingserver, webserver, rssserver
as translatable?

2) why did you delete
_Default: Video folder
_Default: Image folder

3) why did you change the title of the
Default: Audio folder
as non-translatable ?

------------- regarding rules
       install  $(CURDIR)/debian/freevo+log \

in debian/rules is not the same as installing trhu dh_install and

The difference is that 'install' by default uses mode  rwxr-xr-x

So in the version in SVN, the script above would not be executable.

Another problem is that the above script is used by
/etc/init.d/freevo_xserver, and the name should be frevo+log

 I would prefer to use 'install' in debian rules, since the following
clearly shows what is going on, and how we are wrapping up freevo

	mv $(CURDIR)/debian/tmp/usr/bin/freevo
	install  $(CURDIR)/debian/scripts/freevo.wrapper
       install  $(CURDIR)/debian/scripts/freevo+log

The proposed patch is in attachment

---------- regarding version

it is much better to use 1.8.0~rc2-1 instead of 1.8.0rc2-1

since in dpkg ordering,
1.8.0~rc2-1 << 1.8.0
1.8.0rc2-1 >> 1.8.0
(and then you need to introduce epochs when 1.8.0 is released, or call
it some funny name such as 1.8.0rc2+final)

I changed this in SVN

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