[Pkg-freevo-maint] Bug#511020: Please update freevo imdb plugin

alex 766f6964 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 6 18:46:37 UTC 2009

Package: python-freevo
Version: 1.8.1-3


 	Recently I installed & configured freevo, and while I try to 
import movie data for media, I discovered that imdb plugin don't get all 
 	Module affected:


 	in line 765 (aprox) you can find the "relevant" code:

         # Find Plot Outline/Summary:
         # Normally the tag is named "Plot Outline:" - however sometimes
         # the tag is "Plot Summary:". Search for both strings.

 	as you can read, code search matches with strings 'Plot outline:' 
or 'Plot summary:', but at this time, at least for me, imdb web returns 
single string 'Plot:'

 	I fixed appending another comprobation:

         imdb_result = soup.find(text='Plot Outline:')
         if not imdb_result:
             imdb_result = soup.find(text='Plot Summary:')
         if not imdb_result:
             imdb_result = soup.find(text='Plot:')
         if imdb_result:
             self.info['plot'] = imdb_result.next.strip()
             self.info['plot'] = u''

 	this patched code, works for me.

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