[Pkg-freevo-maint] Bug#528431: freevo with second screen only

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.com.au
Tue May 12 21:32:21 UTC 2009

Package: freevo

Can anyone supply a configuration example for the following, and advise 
if there are any technical limitations that might make it impossible?

Single NVidia video card with two outputs:
 :0.0 is a large DVI flat screen
 :0.1 is a PAL display (i.e. using the TV out feature on the NVidia 
card), although this could also be a DVI

:0.0 needs to run a regular Gnome desktop, screensaver, users switching 
sessions, etc

:0.1 is intended to display the video output from various sources 
(DVB-T/S, DVD, content recorded by freevo) and it would be nice to have 
the freevo interface instead of metacity on this screen

The two need to work independently: when users logout, switch sessions 
or activate a screensaver on :0.0, the freevo output should continue 
un-interrupted on :0.1

However, I can't quite figure out how to achieve this.  A few ideas 
occurred to me:

Possible solution 1:
- move the Device and Screen stuff for :0.1 from xorg.conf to xorg-tv.conf
- define a second server in gdm.conf:
    name=TV server
    command=/usr/bin/X -audit 0 -config xorg-tv.conf
- observed that gdm starts two X processes, as desired, but the :1 
process can't get access to the video card (it seems to be taken 
exclusively by the X :0 process)

Possible solution 2:
- split the ServerLayout into two separate ServerLayout sections in 
- this is also unsuccessful, X seems to only allow one ServerLayout to 
be active at a time, and a single X instance doesn't seem to be able to 
serve different display numbers using different ServerLayouts simultaneously

Possible solution 3:
- find some way to make a process take control of session :0.1, no 
matter which user session is active
- disable screensaver on :0.1

Can anyone comment on any of these possible solutions, and whether there 
is a way to achieve what I want?

I know I could fit a second video card and then the second X process 
would work (solution 1 above), but I am trying to minimise noise and 
power consumption.  My 8600GT is passively cooled and uses less than 
40W.  Any extra card in the machine seems to boost the noise level.

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