[Pkg-freevo-maint] Bug#529957: Acknowledgement (freevused pybluetooth applet URL is wrong)

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.com.au
Tue May 26 10:12:48 UTC 2009

As it turns out, the broken link is not even a link for the applet 
anyway.  Therefore, there are really two issues:

- broken link for pybluetooth (not really needed though, as pybluetooth 
is packaged and correctly installed)

- missing applet, insufficient detail for locating the applet - in my 
search for the applet, I just searched for http links in the 
freevused.py file, and the pybluetooth link, which is the only one I 
found, was a red herring

The applet file name is freevused_128x182_EN.jar

packages.debian.org fails to find it in any binary package:


It is in the source package, and can be retrieved with:

   apt-get source freevo


However, the following changes would be useful:
- include a freevused JAR in the packages, if it doesn't violate any 
Debian policy
- include a note in local_conf.py, near the freevused configuration 
section, telling Debian users the name of the package with the applet 
(or other means for retrieving it), and the location of the jar after 
installing the package
- suggestion about how the non-bluetooth-literate user can quickly get 
started, maybe create README.bluetooth.Debian:

# install for troubleshooting
apt-get install bluez-utils
# check that interface is found and UP:
# see if phone is visible:
hcitool scan
# define phone for rfcomm (insert phone address discovered by scan, 
enable other options as required to make rfcomm active)
vi /etc/bluetooth/rfcomm.conf
# (re)start rfcomm
/etc/init.d/bluetooth restart

I configured it manually the first time, then put the settings in 
rfcomm.conf, rebooted, and it seemed to be working after the reboot.  I 
am testing with Debian lenny and a Nokia 6680.

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