[pkg-fso-commits] [SCM] Various non-packaged files branch, master, updated. 7fd30e09a68cd89ca442156c01490bc4dda7b520

Luca Capello luca at pca.it
Thu Sep 11 22:22:39 UTC 2008

The following commit has been merged in the master branch:
commit 7fd30e09a68cd89ca442156c01490bc4dda7b520
Author: Luca Capello <luca at pca.it>
Date:   Fri Sep 12 00:22:30 2008 +0200

    install.sh: uboot is for SD_PART1_FS=ext2 only

diff --git a/install.sh b/install.sh
index 61a2f1b..ed16fae 100755
--- a/install.sh
+++ b/install.sh
@@ -172,7 +172,7 @@ Stages:
 Unsupported or buggy stages, use at your own risk:
   uboot            Configures the U-Boot environment to boot Debian
                    (it needs to run between the debian and the unmount
-                   stage)
+                   stage, only when $SD_PART1_FS is set to ext2)
 For more information, go to http://wiki.debian.org/DebianOnFreeRunner

Various non-packaged files

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