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Jan Luebbe jluebbe at debian.org
Thu Sep 11 22:32:44 UTC 2008

The annotated tag, milestone3 has been created
        at  bf0825e03325683c34b329b1c71e4976efb5f146 (tag)
   tagging  248637c1264624aa08de40c2bbea96c418e0702e (commit)
  replaces  milestone2
 tagged by  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer
        on  Wed Sep 10 15:44:07 2008 +0200

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
freesmartphone.org framework milestone 3

Alon (1):
      ogpsd: Apply gpschannel_add_udpchannel_ane_filechannel.patch

Daniel Willmann (48):
      Revert "Use absolute path for the config files in setup.py"
      ogpsd: Correct UBX packet definition and improve parsing code
      controller.py: Be honest about the busname that we failed to claim
      subsystem.py: Register extra busnames if requested by the subsystem
      ogpsd: Use NEEDS_BUSNAMES to claim org.freedesktop.Gypsy
      ogsmd: Introduce safesplit and start using it
      Revert "WIP"
      ogsmd: Bump timeout to 7 seconds when sending PIN
      ogsmd: Make the low level parser quote aware (torindel at gmail.com)
      ogsmd: Use self.curline instead of curline.
      ogpsd: Use Gypsy TimeChanged signal
      ogpsd: Log non-UBX data with priority info instead of debug
      ogpsd: implement preliminary ACK handling for CFG messages
      ogpsd: Fix org.freedesktop.Gypsy.Time
      ousaged: Make the Bluetooth device actually (de-)activate bluetooth
      ogsmd: Use right method _rightHandSide in SimGetSimInfo
      ogsmd: Append the subscriber numbers as name, number tuple.
      frameworkd.conf: Follow oeventd -> oeventsd change in dbus config
      ogpsd: Some minor (cosmetic) modifications to File- and UDPChannel
      ogsmd: Start work on SMS PDU mode
      ogsmd: Add constants describing PDU fields
      ogsmd: Redo the phonenumber function
      ogsmd: Add padding value to correctly decode alphanumeric addresses.
      ogsmd: Move PDU conversion functions to convert.py
      ogsmd: Add two more test PDUs from OM bug 1728
      ogsmd: Fix an off-by-one bug with GSM address field parsing
      ogsmd: Add regex and consts for using SMS PDU mode
      ogsmd: Introduce a new class PDUAddress that represents the GSM address (number)
      ogpsd: Apply warmstart.patch (thanks quickdev!)
      Add missing config files to setup.py so they get installed.
      odeviced: fix import statement
      ogpsd: Whitespace fixes in nmea.py
      ogpsd: ubx.py: Only update time when we have valid UTC bit set.
      ogpsd: Hide private member variables in GPSDevice to prevent subclasses
      ogpsd: Add a dummy GPSDevice that reports a static location
      ogsmd: Add a direction attribute for the SMS object
      ogsmd: Add functions to encode SMS back to PDUs
      ogsmd: Use and test the PDU generation code
      ogsmd: Test MT and MO PDUs and fix some sms. instead of self. errors
      ogsmd: Fix various functions in convert.py and padding/udl calculation
      ogpsd: Fix warmstart codepath so it sends initial data
      ogsmd: sms.py: Fix some PDU generation bugs with optional fields
      ogsmd: Enable PDU mode and use it in all SMS functions
      ogsmd: Add support for GSM default alphabet and use it
      ogsmd: Change the charset of gsm/const.py to UTF 8
      Revert "ogsmd: Change the charset of gsm/const.py to UTF 8"
      ogsmd: Change the charset of gsm/const.py to UTF 8

Guillaume Chereau (19):
      Added test for opreferencesd
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git@git.freesmartphone.org/framework
      [opreferencesd] Removed opreferencesd/test directory
      Use absolute path for the config files in setup.py
      Removed README.opreferencesd
      Emmit an error if no config file can be found.
      Added the new style oeventsd module
      [opreferncesd] Added phone configurations
      Added opreferencesd phone configuration files into setup.py
      [oeventsd] Added RingTone action that takes the preferences into account
      [oeventsd] Forgot to add a file in previous commit
      [oeventsd] Can connect to a DBus object signal before it has been created
      Added a 'get_object' class method to Controller
      [oeventsd] Some typo in the parser functions (thanks to Julien Cassignol)
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git@git.freesmartphone.org/framework
      [Conf file] corrected a typo
      [otimed] Creation of the subsystem
      [oeventsd] Added trigger for time change events
      [oeventsd] Use metaclass to create rules function from Action and Trigger class

Jan Luebbe (3):
      ousaged: add more information to the ResourceChanged signal
      oeventsd: switch to gsmhandset while the state is outgoing
      odeviced: fix SetState

Joachim Breitner (2):
      Accept number type 185
      ogsmd: Convert ntype to int in SimRetrieveEntry like in SimRetrievePhonebook

John Lee (1):
      odeviced: accelerometer: make it read from input dev on demand so it

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer (69):
      install /etc files into proper location
      one layer down
      refactor controller. create subsystem object. Warning: Further refactoring ahead. Might be unstable for a couple of days.
      add dbus calls to configure debug logger levels at runtime
      remove private controller API that wasn't to be used
      add dbus method to configure logging destination at runtime
      ogsmd: [FREESCALE NEPTUNE]: fix GetStatus()
      ogsmd: improve robustness for GetInfo
      ogsmd: add generic mode-wide data storage pool in modem. This will be used for inter-channel communication
      ogsmd: [FREESCALE NEPTUNE]: use modem data storage to keep track of roaming status
      ogsmd: emit 'mode' property for GetStatus() as well as the Status() signal.
      odeviced: Unify configuration nodes to use the same name we are using for logging, i.e. [subsystem.module].
      * check configuration file format version
      ogsmd: [TI CALYPSO]: fix relaunching in lowlevel init
      ogsmd: fix parsing outgoing SMS with empty phone numbers (stored on SIM).
      ogsmd: add FIXME in parser.py
      ogsmd: add result code for org.freesmartphone.GSM.SIM.SendStoredMessage() thus making it fso-compliant.
      oeventsd: use public config module and use getValue submitting a default value.
      ogsmd: implement basic USSD support
      odeviced: fix empty 'ignoreinput' in configuration for input and idlenotifier.
      ogsmd: add org.freesmartphone.GSM.PDP.GetContextStatus() -> s
      ogsmd: fix stupid bug in ReleaseAll(). fixes ticket #76
      ogsmd: s/NewMessage/IncomingMessage/
      odeviced: simplify idlenotifier state machine and fix '0' specifying that a state will never be reached (except
      license whitespace changes
      fix Jan's email address
      compute install prefix
      ogsmd: change channel representation in debug messages
      * stylize accessor method (we don't use 'get' as prefix) for controller and return None if not found
      oeventsd|opreferencesd: add versions, notify on init
      odeviced: org.freesmartphone.Audio: add PushScenario( scenario ) and PullScenario() -> previous
      odeviced: audio: load default scenario on startup. closes FSO ticket #83
      odeviced: fix import breakage introduced by me
      oevents: bring back AudioScenarioAction (first try)
      ogsmd: increase robustness. closes #23
      oevents: Push/Pull Scenario idea didn't work out, we need to save state between rule invocations for that.
      add Charlie's fantastic tasklet module to patterns
      use introspection to implement org.freesmartphone.framework.ListObjectsByInterface(). Closes FSO #2
      odeviced: use kobject uevent netlink socket to implement polling-free power status notifications
      oeventsd: add triggers and rules for power management
      odeviced: kernel26: fix power supply class logic, if not present
      document additional configuration keys
      ogsmd: add valid emergency numbers
      odeviced: audio: simplify GStreamer pipeline creation
      examples: fix gsm-log-data
      ogsmd: pdp: convert to python logging
      odeviced and ogsmd: remove remaining LOG statements. Using python logging now
      ousaged: convert to Python logging
      ophoned: remove remaining LOG statements. We are now LOG-free
      remove LOG compatibility support. We are now fully converted to Python Logging. Closes FSO #26
      ogsmd: fix wrong dbus namespace for IncomingUssd signal. Thanks quickdev!
      enable global log_level in [frameworkd] section
      oeventsd: add 'blink' action to LedAction, adjust rules file
      oeventsd: remove circular reference to fix importing
      oeventsd: refactor subsystem:
      oeventsd: preliminary headphone mixer autoswitch
      oeventsd: SMS notification:
      ogsmd: remove strength field in Status() callback and result, _if_
      ogsmd: [TI CALYPSO]: enable noise reducation and echo cancelling
      add example for launching scripts on incoming call
      fix setup to automatically install all examples
      ogsmd: start honoring user and password in PDP
      ogsmd: repair ppp connections without user and password
      bail out if our dbus bus name is already owned on startup
      tools/cli-framework: add convenience function for getting proxies implementing an interface
      odeviced: add power control object for switching to Usb Host.
      ousaged: add UsbHost resource
      ogsmd: try to circumvent race condition for sending SIM init commands
      ogsmd: revert revertion of a24dccc1127c619435ca405ef9e0e73ae61da7ed

Rod Whitby (1):
      framework/ogpsd: Improve nmea parser to support GTA01 gllin output

Sascha Wessel (4):
      ogpsd: Fix various bugs (patch by Sascha Wessel)
      examples: Add examples how to use ogpsd DBus API (thanks Sascha Wessel!)
      ogpsd: UBXDevice uses one of the private variables from GPSDevice
      ogpsd: Reset gpsfixstatus when stopping the GPS.


framworkd debian packageing

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