[pkg-fso-maint] update-menus Illegal instruction

Timo Juhani Lindfors timo.lindfors at iki.fi
Sun Oct 19 10:31:36 UTC 2008

"Levy Abinajm Melero Sant'Anna" <levy.santanna at gmail.com> writes:
> #0  0x401c4058 in ?? () from /lib/libgcc_s.so.1
> Cannot access memory at address 0xff0
> (gdb) x/5i $pc
> 0x401c4058:     strdeq  sp, [r0], -r8

http://www.arm.com/miscPDFs/14128.pdf does not list STRDEQ but it
talks about STRD (page 349). STRD is onnly available for armv5, maybe
that is true for also STRDEQ?

There's a similar bug report against openoffice.org-core at


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