[pkg-fso-maint] openmoko-panel-plugin v0.5

Sebastian Ohl sebastian+ml.pkg-fso-maint at ohl.name
Fri Oct 31 13:29:19 UTC 2008

Hi everyone,

we just completed our work at the next version of the
openmoko-panel-plugin. it can be downloaded from:

i don't know who uploaded it to the fso repository last time. but i hope
you will be so kind to do it again, because i don't have access. i
tested it with litian and it only told me about the missing man page. i
also added some missing dependencies(hope that there aren't anymore).

   * changed the distribution from unstable to pkg-fso
   * new battery-icons
   * extended suspend-behaviour:
   *   on suspend: turning off wifi, bt, gps and sending
   *     to gsm
   *   on resume: restoring previous power-state of wifi, bt, gps
   *     and sending dbus.prepareresume to gsm
   * enabled shutdown-button in power-button-window
   * new high-contrast version
   * added configWriter to save changed configs to ~/.panel-pluginrc
   * added config-area for selection of active icons
   *   (order of icons is planned but not implemented yet)
   * added new 'icon' for button-handling:
   *   aux:
   *     on short press: keyboard-toggle
   *     on longer press (>2 sec) window (for now only with
close-button) opens
   *   power:
   *     on short press: for now nothing happens
   *     on longer press (>2 sec) window with buttons opens:
   *       suspend (functional)
   *       shutdown (for now non-functional)
   *       close (closes window)
   * added entries for buttons (aux, power)
   * config-window
   * some more gsmIcon updates:
   *   corrected dbus-callback-function-header
   *   added location area code (if available from dbus)
   *   now choosing right icon for gsm turned off
   *   corrections to gsmStatus-update work properly
   *   added some try-blocks around file-io to prevent IO-timeouts
   *     main-thread
   * added battery-notification
   * update to BatteryWindow to reduce resource-usage when BatteryWindow
   * extended BatteryIcon to show more battery-status in a window and
   *   chargingMode (100, 500, 1000mA)
   * added BrightnessIcon and corrected some threading-related stuff
   * hold the aux button for more than 2 seconds to enable/disable
   * extended GSM-Icon to show network-status
   *   (un)registered
   *   provider
   *   signal-strength
   *   cellid
   * for tooltip and notification
   * made notification optional - when python-pynotify is installed
   * keyboard icon


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