[pkg-fso-maint] install.sh vs. d-i (was Re: [patch] Re: pkg-fso-maint Digest, Vol 7, Issue 20)

Michele Renda michele.renda at gmail.com
Tue Feb 17 23:08:07 UTC 2009

On 17/02/2009 22:52, Luca Capello wrote:
> The major problem here is the following:
> =====
> luca at gismo:~$ git clone git://git.debian.org/pkg-fso/files.git
> Initialized empty Git repository in /home/luca/files/.git/
> [...]
> luca at gismo:~$ wc files/install.sh
>    835  2860 22536 files/install.sh
> luca at gismo:~$
> =====
> So many lines of shell code are a pain to be maintained, for everyone.
> And remember we are missing GTA01 support, something which must go into
> install.sh.  We are just duplicating something which is ready and
> tested, the debian-installer: the more we avoid moving to d-i, the more
> our (users and developers') time is lost.  I will not add more, since we
> can clearly claim that Debian completely supports the Openmoko phones
> only when the installation will be done through d-i.
Ops.... Luca, I think you never worked in a "normal" firm :)
" I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Shell script that never 
could see an end.... Java programs less readable than a Korn shell 
script.... etc..."

When I gave a look on install.sh it seem to be in "heaven" :)

> Ideally, I would like to delegate all my Debian work to someone, so I
> could start hacking on the FreeRunner for fun ;-)
> The pkg-fso team was born and is founded on the do-ocracy principle [3]
> (Joachim, please correct me if I am wrong), which means that if you want
> to take care of install.sh, please go on!
I think we are focusing too much on the installer. I think installer is 
only a part of the work we have to do here.

First of all, we have to think how an user must to use Debian, what need 
to be packaged, what need to be write from zero.

You and Joachim, you have more experiences. I think it will be better if 
you (plural) start to say something like: Michele can you try to package 
this? Steffen can you try to patch this? Someone can please write an 
application to send a sms? Or a new screen keyboard?

Without this everyone do something, but all the enforces get lost 
because there is no coordination (i.e. I lost 1 months to write an 
application to write an application to make calls on Debian, and then I 
realized that may be only I will use it).

I thing that here we are working without getting money, but only because 
we want to make (in our way) a better world, and we want to be part of a 
I think is important to let feel that the community exists, otherwise is 
very easily to lost the courage to continue.

I hope I explained well my concepts.

Best regards
Michele Renda

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