[pkg-fso-maint] install.sh and wifi (was: install.sh vs. d-i)

gregor herrmann gregoa at debian.org
Wed Feb 18 17:06:28 UTC 2009

On Wed, 18 Feb 2009 15:58:26 +0100, Steffen Moeller wrote:

> Concerning the distribution of work, I kindly suggest/beg Gregor to define working Wifi
> environments. He sent an email a few days back that I will prepare a patch for, but I hope
> him to finalise it.

I can of course look at your patch with regard to wicd; I just don't
know if it's the way to go or if there are other wifi applications
that are more suitable.

(And the general question is how far install.sh should go; we might
end up with dozens of --with-FOO switches for all kinds of
applications that might be nice to have on the Freerunner :))

Hm, related question: is there some kind of nice graphical package
manager for users? I guess not everyone likes aptitude over ssh :)
Hm, maybe the new gtk-interface to aptitude which should be in
experimental ...


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