[pkg-fso-maint] [PATCH] install.sh: add $DESKTOP_PANEL user variable (was Re: install.sh - 4 proposals for patches)

Steffen Moeller steffen_moeller at gmx.de
Wed Feb 18 22:47:56 UTC 2009

Luca Capello wrote:

> On Fri, 13 Feb 2009 02:47:31 +0100, Steffen Moeller wrote:
>>> >From 1d74bb83dac1fc1d852bc3165f3265d548d49842 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
>> From: Steffen Moeller <steffen_moeller at gmx.de>
>> Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2009 00:27:58 +0100
>> Subject: [PATCH] Allowing another (more user-friendly) window manager than the default zhone-only user interface.
> I strongly object to this new variable, read below for the reasons.
> [...]
>> +  WINDOW_MANAGER   the presentation of the phone to the user. The default is
>> +                   to just use the 'zhone' (phone) application. Alternatively,
>> +                   'fbpanel' is a tiny but usable window manager.
> There is a misunderstanding here: Zhone is not a window manager, but a
> phone application.  The window manager now installed by default is
> Matchbox [1], which IMHO is working great and is probably the best
> solution for embedded devices.
> [1] http://matchbox-project.org/

I read through it. It is far more capable than I thought. When I start,
I only get into the zhone multi-application directly and cannot start anything else. I had
thought that fbpanel was the way out. But it seems like I need to read some more about how
matchbox is configured. Apparently what I missed was the mb-applet-menu-launcher
(http://matchbox-project.org/documentation/manual/panel.html section 4.2.1).

> Thus, what you want to change is the desktop panel, however:
> 1) we should provide a *default* installation, then if people want to
>    customize it they are free, but giving more options reduce
>    consistency between default installations

agreed. In a separate thread I suggest to discuss a series of core functionalities and
applications that should appear in the default installation.

> 2) we should install the panel which requires the least disk space and
>    provides the best default options

Just forget about this patch.

Many thanks for your overview on alternatives. This was truly impresssive.


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