[pkg-fso-maint] new install targets: minimal + games

Michele Renda michele.renda at gmail.com
Tue Feb 24 00:25:48 UTC 2009

On 24/02/2009 00:56, Steffen Moeller wrote:
> Hello,
> I have promised to look at d-i and the past series of emails truly motivates doing so.
> My motivation install.sh is that the outcome is likely to be that we no longer read
> something like the neo not being fully functional or that one needs to invest much time to
> get the phone running. And it is a means for communication between ourselves about what is
> working right/best.
Yes, I too think that d-i is the best way to support the installation 
for Debian at FR.
I am thinking how to archive this:
In a normal pc, you just need to insert a cd in a cd-rom driver. Then 
doing a boot from the cd.
In FR we don't have a cd-rom drive, so we have two possibility:
A) Copy a netinstall cd image (or something like this) on the flash 
memory, boot from flash ... and then start the installation
B) Copy a netinstall cd image (or something like this) on an external 
usb pen drive, connect to FR with an adaptor, and use a funtion on uboot 
(that still don't exist)
that allow to 1) set usb in host mode 2) boot from usb

The best option is the option A) but it has the disavantage that it 
destroy all the images previously present on flash... it can be good 
only in Debian only freerunner.
I don't have other ideas.

Other suggestions?
> If the idea of the pills is that regular end users should execute them, then I am opposing
> the idea. Install.sh should offer a collection of pills readily integrated - only the
> right pills. For diversification it is too early, I think. We should decide about what
> should available for an end user and then help each other with bug reports to increase
> stability.
Ok... I declase officially dead the idea about pills :) It was only and 
idea! In every case I need such script, because I like a very
special configuration, and every time I don't want to lose 3 days to 
configure all the steps. But I will keep for me :)
> If the pills are yet another means for communication, then of course I don't mind. But
> this will then substitute/extend wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Debian, right?
Seem to be that all here really hate Openmoko Debian wiki ;)
Ok, I woud like to invest some time... to make such type of 
documentation, these "new pills", but I would like to know how to don't 
return to something like "Openmoko Debian wiki".

Have you a nice evening
Michele Renda

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