[pkg-fso-maint] xserver-xorg-input-tslib needs new Debian maintainer

Wen-Yen Chuang caleb at calno.com
Thu Feb 26 04:01:12 UTC 2009

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I am the current Debian maintainer of xserver-xorg-input-tslib.
I am very busy recently.
I am happy to maintain Debian packages, but do not have much time to do it.

I think pkg-fso team may have interest to adopt xserver-xorg-input-tslib.
It is also fine if other one (not in pkg-fso team) want to take the
maintainership of xserver-xorg-input-tslib.

If you need more official announcement, I can orphan it via Debian BTS
and let you adopt it.
If nobody reply to me (or to the mailing list), I will keep maintaining it,
but may have no enough time to cope with bugs quickly.

I think the priority to adopt it is:
1. pkg-fso team
2. Debian Developer that is not in pkg-fso team
3. Debian maintainer that is not in pkg-fso team

xserver-xorg-input-tslib 0.0.5-4 has entered Sid.
There is only one open bug for Debian currently:
#517131, patch to support xrandr (from openwrt.org)
It should be easy to be merged with other patches, but I have not tested it
on my machine yet.

If anyone want to adopt xserver-xorg-input-tslib, now you can prepare to
upload 0.0.5-5. :-)

Kind regards
 Wen-Yen Chuang (caleb)

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