[pkg-fso-maint] Forthcoming changes in e17

Albin Tonnerre lutin at debian.org
Sun Aug 15 13:45:40 UTC 2010


As you probably noticed by now, I recently uploaded a new snapshot of the EFL
and e17. With this snapshot comes at least one big change: a new Illume module.

Given that e17 is currently going towards an alpha release and the new version
is the one going to get long-term support, I suggest you try it out :)

To do this, you can either:
 - go the usual way: stop e17, remove ~/.e/e, restart and select the
   'illume-home' profile
 - Go to the settings panel, then 'Settings -> Profile' and switch to the
   illume-home profile.

I would appreciate some testing, especially related to bugs currently filed
against illume, namely:

http://bugs.debian.org/533537  [e17] e17/illume logout dialog is only 1 pixel wide
http://bugs.debian.org/538317  [e17] Systray does not work with Illume
http://bugs.debian.org/538320  [e17] Illume gadges don’t scale nicely
http://bugs.debian.org/538374  [e17] Illume keyboard should wait just a bit

If you happen to find other issues, please do report them in the BTS since
upstream is going to put more focus on bugfixing.

Now, the bad news:

The thing is, however, that development on the first version of illume (which is
probably what you are using right now) has almost stopped, since the focus has
shifted to illume2, the new one. While the first version is still in the source
tree and provided by the binary packages, it's going to be unsupported and
removed at some point.

Thus, if you have some illume-related glue in the FSO/SHR stack, please think
about updating it (if necessary - I don't know whether this is the case) and
feel free to contact me if you happen to run into unexpected issues.

Albin Tonnerre

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