[pkg-fso-maint] From Jennifer Amaoh.

Jennifer Amaoh jennicoleab at yahoo.com.cn
Sun Jul 18 22:12:59 UTC 2010

Dearest One,

Good day to you, how are you and your family? hope all is fine.
Please i want you to know that it's not by mistake I am contacting you but by the special grace of God.
I am 17 years miss Jennifer Amaoh the only child of my late parents { Chief. Gilbert Amaoh and Mrs Ajua Amaoh } presently I am staying in a church here in Ghana because i do not have any place to go to, my uncles sent me out of my father's house and took our properties, they said that i am a female child that i do not have any right in the family.
My father established his cocoa and gold business in Accra Ghana, and he died shortly of heart attack, His death has now made me an orphan and i am exposed to danger.
Before my father died,he called me by his bed side and reveal to me about some funds $13.7 million U.S.Dollars and some gold dust that he packed inside two metallic trunk boxes which he deposited with a Security Company here in Accra Ghana as a family treasure.
He told me that he used my name as his only child as his next of kin to the deposit and in case he fails to make it that I should seek for a foreign partner that will invest the money for me.
I have all the papers with me here but the security company dont want to release the deposit due to that they and my father had an agreement that i should provide a foreign partner before they will release the deposit.
Please, i am seeking your assistant to avoids the officials from raising eye brows to the funds.
Please, all that i am asking is for you to kindly help me stand before the company as my foreign beneficiary partner or my guardian to receive the trunk boxes in your country so that i can come over to meet you and continue my education.
Please stand for me and help me claim the trunk boxes so that i will come there for my medical school.
You will also help me for the investment of the fund in a viable business there in your country, i will be very glad if you can come to Ghana here to meet me so that i will take you direct to the company.
I am willing to offer to you 20% of the total sum as a compensation for your help.

Expecting to read from you soon.

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