[pkg-fso-maint] libdrm-glamo and KMS-enabled xf86-video-glamo in pkg-fso

Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki at gmail.com
Sat Mar 13 09:16:14 UTC 2010


I uploaded libdrm-glamo and a new xf86-video-glamo to pkg-fso. It's a
bit ugly since I didn't want to introduce a new package
libdrm-glamo1-dev since in the end the dev files should go to
libdrm-dev, so I included dev files in the libdrm-glamo1 package. The
source package used is upstream libdrm, on top of which I did a glamo
patch from http://git.bitwiz.org.uk/?p=libdrm.git;a=summary which
happens to be based on the same 2.4.18 libdrm that is included in

It also requires Glamo KMS/DRM enabled kernel, which we don't yet have
packaged, but works in UMS mode also without.

Anyway, it's now much more easy to test KMS in Debian, since only the
kernel is required and the software from pkg-fso has all the support
otherwise. The kernel is currently developed at
http://git.bitwiz.org.uk/?p=kernel.git;a=summary , branch gdrm-2.6.32
(or drm-tracking for 2.6.29 version). I put one compilation from some
time ago at http://users.tkk.fi/~tajyrink/moko/2.6.32/.

With KMS you might be able to find all kinds of interesting problems,
but on the other hand it could just work fluently for you. Nowadays
suspend-resume seems trustworthy as well. I believe it would be of
great help to general public if you are able to fix any problems you
encounter. At least I'm experiencing X crash when trying to summon
literki keyboard from bottom right corner:
http://pastebin.com/L9PuSRGn. According to Thomas EXA bugs are quite
hard to figure out sometimes. Additionally, I cannot for some reason
open my fbpanel menu from bottom left corner.

Libdrm-glamo should be of course included in the Debian libdrm source
package eventually, but it probably won't make sense until Debian
kernel has Glamo support and/or libdrm Glamo support has been
submitted to upstream.

Finally, if you feel like this KMS-enabled 2D Glamo support isn't
enough, you could go ahead and try or even package Glamo Mesa support
on top of this stack from
http://git.bitwiz.org.uk/?p=mesa.git;a=summary as well. I have no idea
what phase it's currently in, ie. does glxgears start already and what
preconditions there are.


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