[pkg-fso-maint] zhone dependencies breaks the installation process

Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki at gmail.com
Sat Oct 8 08:50:42 UTC 2011

2011/10/7 Trefle Quatre <treflequatre at hotmail.com>:
> For info, I tried to install debian and all the stuff from the pkg-fso with
> this comand line:
> TASKS="ALL" QI=true SINGLE_PART=true ./install.sh all

Hi. Yes, at the moment that is broken, as documented at

Since the additional tasks are only about apt-getting a few software,
one can indeed do a minimal installation instead. Installable Zhone is
only available from experimental together with python E17 bindings
from experimental. However, FSO2 is now in for all the relevant parts,
meaning that you'll rather need some UI that is compatible with it.
Zhone is FSO1 only, besides a few patched versions around the web but
not in Debian (at least yet).

Zhone2 is one, but has not been touched for a while. However, it seems
to now reside in Aurora repository that is actively developed more
complete set of phone applications:

And then there is SHR software, discussed in other thread, waiting for
glib 2.30.

Once we have a set of FSO2 compliant software, the install.sh should
be upgraded install those.


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