[pkg-fso-maint] Future of Debian for GTAxx

Sebastian Reichel sre at debian.org
Fri Mar 9 21:16:51 UTC 2012

Hi Rico,

On Fri, Mar 09, 2012 at 07:08:50PM +0100, Rico Rommel wrote:
> i just pushed changes to git.

ok, thanks :)

> fso-specs

I reviewed your changes in fso-specs. Some notes:

 * index.html.patch: <BASE> has been removed from index.html by intention
 * debian/copyright: Heiko interpreted the old Maintainer field as
                     Debian Maintainer field and not as Upstream-Maintainer
                     field. He never was the upstream maintainer AFAIK.
 * try running dpkg -c 2012.02.16.1-1_all.deb | grep "\.in" and you
   will see, that index.html.in is part of the package.

Note: I fixed those in git.

> libfso-glib

I also reviewed libfso-glib:

 * typo in debian/changelog, the new standards version is 3.9.3
 * debian/copyright: see fso-specs
 * the UNRELEASED changelog entry should be merged into your
   changelog entry.
 * Also bump the soname, so that the library is ends with .1.0.0

Note: I did not yet fix these in git.

> libfsosystem

This one looks ok :) The Dm-Upload-Allowed flag is set, so you
should be able to upload it yourself.

> fso-gsmd

Changes look fine to me. I will do another check after
checking fso-datad.

> fso-deviced

Changes look fine to me. I will do another check after
checking fso-datad.

> fso-datad

I did not yet have a deeper look, but:

 * debian/copyright: You are the upstream contact? :)
 * You should merge the changelog entries or move the ITP bug close
   into the new changelog entry, since the package is not yet in

> Note, there are new packages libfsodata0 and libfsodata-dev, created from fso-
> datad src-package. It's needed by fso-gsmd.

Actually fso-datad is not yet in Debian and thus completly new.

> I renamed libfso-glib0 to libfso-glib1 due to removal of some interfaces in 
> fso-specs.

That's the correct thing to do, but please also bump the SONAME.

> This causes a rebuild of libfsoesource, fso-usaged, fso-tdld, phoneuid, 
> phonefsod, libphone-ui and libphone-ui-shr.

-- Sebastian
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