[pkg-fso-maint] Bug report on libphone-utils-dev: phoneutils_test crashes with exit status 139

Alexandre Rebert alexandre at cmu.edu
Wed Jun 26 23:10:25 UTC 2013

Hi David,

> I guess someone should have mentioned that for
> many packages whole teams with public mailinglists are set as (one of the)
> maintainers, which defeats the point of delayed public disclosure a bit
> (as I am not a maintainer, so I must be the "public" reading this).

I realize now that many emails (about 20% in our case) that are listed as
package maintainers, are public mailing lists. That's unfortunate, but
hopefully most reported bugs will not be security critical. I'll make sure
to exclude mailing lists next time.

> I wonder a bit though why only some Uploaders seem to
> get a mail, as the package has two uploaders

This is concerning. Uploaders with special characters in their name did not
receive the mail yet, but this shouldn't have happened in your package. Can
you let me know which uploader did not receive the package?

> This specific bug itself is probably close to a non-issue: We are talking
> about a binary with the keyword "test" in it so I guess nobody cares for
> crashes with "strange" inputs in it, but that's up for the intended
> of this mail to decide of course. :)

I agree that this does not seem like an issue. There is a "DO NOT REPORT"
option if maintainers feel like the report should not be submitted for any
reason. It would be nice to see the crash fixed though :)

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